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Treating men the way they deserve to be treated.

MENSDEPT is a brand of product that’s designed specifically for men. The entire brand consists of one shampoo, one conditioner, and six styling products. Come on in and request MENSDEPT. We promise you’ll leave looking handsome and feeling great.



A little bit of something for everybody.

Redken is a staple in the hair styling community. They provide products for thin hair, thick hair, curled hair, colored hair, and even hair that’s going to be in the sun for a long time! If you need it (or simply want it), Redken probably has it — And that’s why we use it.



A line made by a local So Cal boy.

Pureology was created by Jim Markham, a stylist from right down the road in Irvine, California. These hair products are made with no animal byproducts, and instead are exclusively composed of botanical ingredients. We are honored to offer these high-end hair styling products that were originally made by a local hair salon legend.

Enjoy hair products


That hair’s going to be silky smooth.

From texture and shine spray to styling gel and molding mousse, the chemists who create these enjoyable products have truly made an effort to make products for everybody. Enjoy has created a variety of hair styling products that continuously radiates through the hair styling biosphere as an industry standard.



A “system” specially designed for you.

HBL is commonly known for their “system” of 13 premium hair styling products. Since this line of shampoos, conditioners, and protective sheens are all sulphate-free, pH-balanced, and gluten-free, they are able to successfully provide a styling solution to everybody, no matter what their hair is like (or acting like) on any given day.


Brazilian Blowout

Not just for styling, but also for rejuvenating.

Brazilian blowout isn’t just a hair styling procedure, but a full-fledged brand. The product line boasts the “Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex,” which is a unique system designed to actually improve the condition of a user’s hair by adding a protecting protein layer over each strand.


Bio Ionics

From Vidal Sassoon to Hair Phases Salon.

Bio Ionics was created by one of the hair styling community’s most well-known names: Vidal Sassoon’s Fernando Romero. The Bio Ionics collection comes packed with a relaxers, shampoos, conditioners, revitalizing treatments, and straightening systems.



The tried and true brand that never fails.

The Matrix collection was created back in the ’80s, and has been a front-runner on the styling scene ever since. This brand is so popular, in fact, that Mark Townsend uses Matrix to do the hair of celebrity stars such as Reese Witherspoon, Amy Adams, and Mary Kate Olsen.