7 Tips to Making Your New Years Resolutions Stick

Many of us can’t wait to get started with the new year and and finally lose that weight, eat better, get to the gym, finish that blog, take that class and a myriad of other 

1) Pick something that you won’t hate – or at least will learn to love! Focus on the benefits instead of the task. Look at the potential results if you stick to it. Think about how it can affect others if it works out the way you want it to.

2) Pick a resolution you can share. Having a support group is great, keeps each other honest and is a lot more fun!

3) Pick something that is not contrary to your lifestyle. 5am, 6 day a week Rocky workouts are tough, even for Rocky! Start with things you know you will consistently do and build on them, every day.

4) Reward yourself! Of course don’t go overboard with animal fries, a 4 by 4 and large shake after every workout – but acknowledging your progress with a treat is great for the attitude and keeping you on track.

5) Write down your resolution (goal) – review it – picture the end result – use all your senses to emotionalize it. You’d be amazed at how your brain will work, behind the screens, to keep you on track.

6) Don’t beat yourself up. When you do miss up, shrug your shoulders, positive attitude and get starting again, think of it as the habit of creating a habit.

7) Keep this in mind when trying to reach any goal; every small triumph, all forward motion, each time you say yes in the right direction instead of no, it forges the will, makes you stronger, and allows you to build that life by design.

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